Commodities - what is your risk exposure?

Since 1988, Jyske Markets has offered services and advice to a large number of industrial businesses with exposure to the commodity market. Our typical clients are businesses with some degree of risk exposure in the event of rising or falling prices of energy, base metals or grains and foodstuffs.  Our clients may, however, also trade in more exotic commodities such as gold, coffee and cotton.

Risk management is crucial

We are involved in the initial phase and act as your sparring partner and offer tools to quantify the very risks facing your business. You will gain an overview of the risks involved for your business when you buy and sell commodities. Through global commodity exchanges, we offer you ways to hedge your company’s exposure to adverse price developments of individual commodities.

A strong position in the market

For many years Jyske Markets has been the only Danish bank in the commodity market, and we have therefore achieved a strong position in the market. We have gained expert knowledge that we are happy to share with your business.