Meet your new professional partner in asset trading

Jyske Markets is Jyske Bank’s financial market place. Jyske Markets employs more than 100 specialists, and our turnover is in excess of DKK 200bn a day.

Jyske Markets is a significant player in the Scandinavian wholesale markets, and our clients include a number of large market players. In several focus areas, we have a fairly high market share – for instance, the market for Danish mortgage bonds, the Danish FX market, the market for EUR high yield corporate bonds, the Danish market for short-term fixed income products, liquidity products as well as the commodity market.

Jyske Markets:

  • Acts globally
  • Is open on all international trading days
  • Has the overall professional responsibility for all investment activities at Jyske Bank
  • Renders advice, prepares and publishes research reports, trades and quotes securities within the asset classes of equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, derivatives, structured products and asset management products
  • Offers advisory services within the areas of risk management, portfolio management and debt management
  • Offers financial advice at strategic levels
  • Offers selected credit products
  • Offers services directly to selected business and investment clients, small banks and asset managers as well as institutional investors
Competent economists analyse the economic development globally and regionally.
FX and Rates
Jyske Markets is an active player in all Scandinavian as well as in all key currencies.
Interesting investment cases - cultivating opportunities that have been overlooked.
Corp. bonds
Jyske Markets focuses on the niche area of European high-yield bonds.
Mortgage bonds
One of the most preferred partners when it comes to Danish mortgage bonds.
EM and Gov. bonds
Since the late 1980s, Jyske Markets has been an active player in the emerging markets.
For many years Jyske Markets has been the only Danish bank in the commodity market.
Corporate & Institutional Banking
Corporate & Institutional Banking– looking at the big picture.
Jyske Quant
A quantitative multi-factor approach based on well-documented factors.