Experts in European high-yield bonds

Jyske Markets focuses on the niche area of European high-yield bonds. In this area, we have the largest set-up in Denmark and many years of experience. Constantly screening the market and finding the most attractive investment cases, we are able to offer investors in-depth analyses and research reports. 

We follow attractive cases closely

We cover about twelve new companies each year. We follow the companies closely until we no longer find the case attractive and then we discontinue our coverage. Of the 220 companies that have issues with a reasonable liquidity, we cover about 30 companies that we assess offer the largest potential. Our analysts are having an ongoing dialogue with executives of these companies and other relevant players in the industry. Our financial research and analysis of Danish financial issues cover the hybrid issues as well as the shares of the companies. 

Competitive prices

We have a broad client base and an extensive broker network, which enables us to quote very competitive prices.

A quantitative model covering more than 4,000 issues

For those of our clients whose interest goes beyond the European high-yield market, we have developed a quantitative model covering more than 4,000 issues. 

Our model has achieved impressive back-test results and can help you screen the market, and therefore you can spend your time analysing the most interesting prospective investments instead of searching for the needle in the haystack.