A mix of quant and fundamental research

In respect of Danish equities, Jyske Markets has a traditional set-up based on in-depth, fundamental analysis and research, whereas our set-up in the global equity market is based on our quantitative equity model, Jyske Quant.

Cultivating opportunities that have been overlooked

Our four very experienced equity analysts cover 30 Danish equities. We are in close dialogue with the management groups of these companies and have a wide network relating to the companies, to their customers, competitors, suppliers and other stakeholders. 

Each year we prepare several special reports, each one examining closely an aspect of a company, that are on top of investors minds. 

We do not strive to be the best when it comes to reporting and analysing news, but we intend to be the best when it comes to cultivating opportunities that have been overlooked.

Jyske Quant ranks more than 11,000 companies

Jyske Quant is a powerful screening tool based on a quantitative approach and with impressive back-test results. Jyske Quant helps professional investors identify the best investment opportunities globally, as it ranks more than 11,000 companies based on 58 selected financial performance indicators. Jyske Quant makes your life easier – you can focus your time and effort on in-depth analysis of only the most relevant investment opportunities rather than searching for the needle in a haystack. 

Based on Jyske Quant we have a team of analysts covering the 25 most interesting investment cases globally.